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Today’s business world is fast paced. So we create products that give sign engineers everything they need to get the job done quickly, efficiently - wherever they are.

It will come as no surprise that Springflex delivers these benefits and more. Springflex is high quality substrate tensioning system for the back illumination of large format displays.

  • Springflex is a British Euro patented tensioning system for large format displays both illuminated and non.
  • Only the highest quality
    LED used with CE & ECA approval.
  • Energy and carbon saving efficiency built in, using adaptive lighting.
  • Have the full benefit of good illumination but using less energy than simply LED alone.
  • Fast and easy to install

  • Modular, light and easy to handle design

  • There are no loose parts

  • No heavy fixing tools or hammers required for installation

  • No additional work by installers or factory time needed

  • Easy access for maintenance

  • Recyclable components

  • No returning to correct wrinkles

  • Self-correcting after storms

  • System keeps the sign face taught in high temperatures

  • Incorporates branded LED lighting technology


Springflex 190

  • 190mm Profile Depth

  • The most widely used profile for shop, factory, warehouse signage

  • Illuminated using LED or Fluorescent

  • Springflex VEF lid system suitable

  • Shaped and curves possible

  • Full face display

Springflex 140

  • 140mm Profile Depth

  • Suitable for Illuminated or Non illuminated projects

  • LED compatible

  • Shapes and curves possible

  • Full face display

Springflex 90

  • 90mm Profile Depth

  • Illuminated using new LED Technology

  • Non Illuminated

  • Lightweight, 10kg per m2 with LED illumination

  • Hinged lid system, no visible trim fixings

Springflex Heavy Duty

  • 140mm & 190mm profile depth

  • Suited for construction of larger signs where weight and size is a consideration

  • Illuminated using the latest LED technology 

  • Unique split clamp design allows clamps to be fitted easily as a face is installed using a electric hand tool with a Allen Key adaptor

  • Springflex VEF lid systems suitable


Springflex 190 
Springflex 90 Face fitting & LED Dimmer 


Springflex 90

Springflex 140

Springflex Heavy Duty 140

Springflex 190

Springflex Heavy Duty 190

Springflex Face Preparation

Face Installation Leaflet 2

Face Installation Leaflet


What depth of cases are available?

Springflex is available in both Illuminated and Non Illuminated versions at 90, 140, 190, 265mm case depth.

Is there a maximum sign Height?

If you require the print in one piece then 4850mm is the max height achievable. Over this then a welded joint in the face will be required but we can then go up to 9000mm in Height.

Do you offer prints?

Yes we can offer you frontlit, backlit, blocked and special enhanced feature prints, all finished and ready to suit the Springflex flex case. Also we can finish prints to suit other Flex systems if you are just upgrading and existing serviceable sign.

Can you install?

Yes, we can organise from design to completion including access machine hire, site visits, RAM’s statements. Our installers are highly proficient in the Springflex System which cuts site time down saving money.

How do I install myself?

Follow this link to  see how easy it is to install a Springflex sign. https://youtu.be/IZFCuLJn_uE

Can I print my own face?

Of course, click here to download the Face Specification sheet.

Can I order a sign as a kit for me to assemble?

Yes, we can supply a pre-cut kit with all required items so you complete the build.

Can you deliver to my customer/site under plain cover?

We deliver to sites all over the UK and Ireland for our customers, either on a JIT or ahead if time ready for the installers. UK delivery is in plain unbranded vehicles and we can use your delivery notes if required.

Is there a Guarantee on the life of the LED?

Yes of course, the current LED manufacturers are backing our manufacturing techniques with a 5 Year Warranty.
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