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Using high performance materials and precision engineered components our range of lightboxes are an effective way to increase visibility and attract attention to the message. 

Careful consideration of design and aesthetics means that light travels internally which results in an even distributions of light across the entire surface. 

Multiple mounting options combined with a range of stylish finishes means that it is a favourite with sign engineers. As you’d expect with KSUK the lightboxes are fast and easy to fit and maintain. The addition of LED lighting further increases longevity, performance and green credentials. 


  • Fast and easy to install

  • Modular, light and easy to handle design

  • CE approval included

  • Multiple mounting options and finishes

  • Easy access for maintenance

  • Recyclable components

  • Extremely robust

  • Incorporates branded LED lighting technology


Signcase 160

  • 169mm product depth

  • 32mm removable trim

  • 50mm bead available for larger constructions

  • Hanging facility available

  • CE Approval

Signcase 135

  • 130mm product depth

  • Removable trim

  • Option for illuminated poster holder

  • Hanging facility available

  • CE Approval

Signcase 100

  • Single and double bead options

  • 20mm pencil bead

  • Slight radius to corners

  • Illuminated options

  • CE Approval

Signcase 84

  • 84mm Deep

  • Use with vacuum formed panels from stock

  • Vacuum panel sizes 900mm x 450mm and 600mm x 540mm

  • Wall mount

  • Hanging


Moulded Panel Projection Sign 


Signcase 100

Signcase 135

Signcase 160

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