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Our sign systems are built to be the best for business. And with Texflex you get an exceptional indoor display that’s secure, reliable, perfect for almost any environment and easy to install and deploy. 

Everything we make works together seamlessly, giving you an amazing and vibrant visual display that delivers the information your clients require.

Because Texflex is a textile based product face it means it’s plastic free. This is proving a popular choice with environmentally conscious customers who are looking to reduce their use and consumption of plastic. 


  • Fast and easy to install

  • Plastic free

  • No special tools required to change face

  • Light and easy to handle design

  • Multiple mounting options and finishes

  • Recyclable components

  • Incorporates branded LED lighting technology



  • Single sided slimline non illuminated 17mm deep

  • Double sided 170mm deep

  • Floor, wall and freestanding versions

  • Faces available in dye sublimation textile or UV on Polyester



Best practice for installing fabric displays in our Texflex range.
Video showing 240v connection points on Texflex lightbox
Textile face being installed in a KSUK Texflex frame


Texflex 17

Texflex 23

Texflex 45

Texflex 65

Texflex 85

Texflex 100

Texflex 120

Textflex 170


What depth of cases are available?

If you require a non illuminated Texflex frame then you can use the 17mm,23mm,46mm(double Sided), for Illuminated Texflex we offer 45,65,85,100,120,150 and 170mm case depths.

What is the Maximum Height available?

Currently the maximum height of a textile print is 4980mm in one piece.

What is the slimmest case for illumination?

We offer a 45mm deep case depth for slimline applications.

Can I order a sign as a kit?

Yes, we can supply a pre-cut kit with all required items so you complete the build.

Are the faces washable?

No, the Polyester material is wipeable but fabric material will water stain if washed.

What frame finishes are available?

Standard finishes are Mill and Silver Anodised, we also offer a Powder Coating Service to any BS or RAL ref.

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